Is my house haunted?
I Think My House Is Haunted...

What to do if your house is haunted

The more you know about the paranormal and about your situation in particular, the better you’ll be able to decide what might work best in your situation.  To learn more I recommend reading I Think My House is Haunted! or contacting a local paranormal team.

Also be aware that often these techniques work, but sometimes they simply don’t and nothing seems to help. There is so much we have yet to learn about the paranormal, and we certainly are not in a place in our evolution where we can claim to control it.

Still, many of these techniques have been proven to be quite effective in reducing or eliminating unwanted activity.

    Taking verbal control:  

The first thing I try in most cases is having the clients take verbal control over their home. This is best done if the heads-of-household stand together, but can work when done by individuals as well.  If the activity is occurring in a particular bedroom, the resident of the room should be involved.  If that’s a child, the parent may want to intercede, depending on the situation.

The purpose of taking verbal control is to let the entity know which specific behavior is not welcome in the home, just as you’d verbally address unwanted behavior with a young child. The tone you take is very important here... It must be firm yet unemotional, never angry. These spirits were living human beings once and need to be treated with respect.  Not doing so can have repercussions.  

You may feel like you want to tell the entity to leave your home, that it’s not welcome there. That may or may not be a good thing to do, depending on why it’s there and where it came from.  So if you don’t know, which is usually the case, I recommend a compromise.  Don’t expect it to leave or never get a chance to make it’s presence known, but focus on getting it to stop the manifestations that are causing the most problems.  You can always work things from there when things are a little more under control.

For example, in a home with children where unwanted activity is causing the kids to be scared and everyone to loose sleep, you might try saying something like this:

“I’d like to speak to the spirits sharing my home.  I know you’re here, you’ve been successful at making your presence known. We don’t know why you’re here, but this is our home now and if you want to share it with us you’ll need to be respectful and abide by our rules.  

First, the children have become a bit scared, so we need you to leave them alone. We know you mean them no harm, but it isn’t good for them right now.  We also need you to leave everyone in the home alone at night so we can get our sleep.  Once the lights go out in a bedroom, you must not bother us in any way.”  

If you’d like it would be good to add an additional phrase like this to the end, but that depends on how open you are to their presence... It might go something like this:

“If you feel you want to make your presence known, feel free to let me know you’re around during the day but only when the children won’t be aware of it.  You are not, however, permitted to do anything to harm any of us.”

I’ve found that giving them an alternative way of being allowed to show their presence can often get them to stop manifesting in the ways that are most detrimental.  



Another technique for reducing or eliminating unwanted activity is smudging.  This is often done with sage or cedar, sometimes including sweetgrass, but essentially it involves filling every corner of your home with the smoke from these smoldering herbs.  It’s an age old tradition, with roots in Native American culture and Christian, and Eastern religions.  

Look on line for many resources on smudging techniques.


       Blessings and Prayer:

Often, especially if the occupants of the home are religious, a house blessing can work wonders.  Some choose to do their own blessings, with or without Holy water. What is important is that it’s a blessing process you feel comfortable with.

Likewise, prayer can be a powerful tool in your home.  Saint Michael’s prayer is commonly used.  The Unity Prayer is also a favorite amongst ghost hunters.  It goes as such:

Unity Prayer for Protection

(James Dillet Freeman)


The light of God surrounds you,
The love of God enfolds you,
The power of God protects you,
The presence of God watches over you,
Wherever you are, God is.


Tingsha and other Bells:

The theory here is simple.  Spirits are energy.  Bells produce a beautify frequency of sound that permeates the energy of an environment.  It’s believed that clear, high-pitched bells such as Tibetan Tingsha bells (or cymbals), can help break up negative energy in an environment and possibly deter unwanted activity. Ringing such a bell throughout your home is a simple and often effective way of changing it’s energy for the better.  I use Tingsha Bells along with smudging and prayer to do a through house cleansing.


Decluttering and Calling a Truce:

Negative energy is a funny thing.  It can linger and build and hide in dusty corners. Manifestations can feast on negative energy or it can, in extreme cases, turn into a manifestation itself.  If you find there’s been a lot of fighting or tension in the home lately, call everyone together and ask for a truce, at least temporarily.  Then smudge ,or at least use incense, to help clear out what is lingering to give you a fresh start.  Go through the house with a clear-pitched bell as well.

Rooms with lots of clutter can also harbor pockets of negative energy.   Start in the area of your home with the most activity and declutter and thoroughly clean it.  Then move on to any other areas that seem to be be holding onto a feeling of heaviness or negativity.  


This is just a brief summary of some of the most common - and most successful - techniques for dealing with hauntings.  For more information, see my book I Think My House is Haunted!



A smudge stick and feathers for spreading the smoke.

Tingsha Bells

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If your house is haunted, what should you do?

That depends on the situation - there’s imply no one-size-fits all answer to how to deal with a haunting.  First, it’s helpful to understand the types of potential haunting.  Learn more about that here...  Types of Hauntings >>>

Once you better understand what you’re dealing with, you can come up with a strategy for dealing with the situation that best fits your needs and your belief system.

Below is a summary of some of the “traditional” methods of dealing with hauntings. Be aware that in some cases any one of these may have the undesired affect of stirring up the manifestations as opposed to helping the situation.  This is uncommon and usually short-lived, but can happen.