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BIO: Joanne Emmons is an engineer by day and a paranormal author and investigator by night. Her book, I Think My House is Haunted!, a guidebook for those living with the paranormal, merges her passions for science, psychology, and the supernatural. Joanne is the Founder of Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey, and has been a guest on Darkness Radio as well as several other programs.


The author has been visiting Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania, since she was 10.  Her first ghost story books were purchased there as well... It’s still a wonderful place filled with special treasures!       Farley’s Bookshop

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Joanne moved into an actively haunted house in New Hope, Pennsylvania at the age of ten. She remembers being fascinated by the activity much more than being frightened by it. These early experiences led her on a life-long quest to learn as much as she could about ghosts and hauntings, and the paranormal, and to use this to help others dealing with unexplained phenomena.

Joanne currently resides in Howell, New Jersey with her husband, Doug, her sons Dayton and Cody, and a lively household full of pets. And yes, a ghost as well...

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If you think your house may be haunted, you're not alone...

Having grown up in a very actively haunted house, I have been fascinated by the paranormal for most of my life. When I first set foot in my current home it seemed so welcoming and comfortable... and familiar. Yes, it was also haunted.  

My passion for the paranormal lead me to become a Paranormal Investigator, aka Ghost Hunter, eventually starting my own team. My degree in Engineering Psychology was an excellent foundation for a scientific approach to investigations.  It also sparked a desire to understanding the impact that living with the paranormal can have on people. As a Case Manager I was not only able to investigate many hauntings, but also to work one-on-one with the homeowners who had called us for help.

In working with clients I often needed to do much more than just investigate... I needed to help them reestablish control. In my book I Think My House is Haunted! I share some of the tried and true methods of dealing with the paranormal so that others can better understand and live with - or attempt to rid themselves of - their own hauntings.

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