Is my house haunted?
I Think My House Is Haunted...

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Is your house haunted?

So how do you tell if your house really is haunted? The first step is one you’ve already started… learning a little about the subject. Next, you’ll want to do a little of your own debunking. For any unexplained activity you may have noticed, try to find a possibly logical explanation. You might not eliminate all of the haunting symptoms, but you might find causes for a few.


There’s an interesting psychological effect of living with an unseen roommate. At first most people don’t think their house is haunted so they tend to write off odd occurrences as either explainable or just their imagination. Then finally things either build up or something undeniable happens and the idea of a possible haunting is born. Suddenly every little thing comes into question as being a possible ghostly manifestation and the scales tip in the other direction.


So let’s talk about some of the most common haunting symptoms. No two hauntings are exactly alike, and the symptoms can vary quite a bit from one case to another. Many hauntings involve totally unique manifestations as well. But here are some of the most common haunting symptoms:






     Other Manifestations:


Obviously many of these symptoms can have natural explanations as well. It’s important to look at your situation as a whole, which is why a little insight from professionals is often quite helpful. It’s difficult to be unbiased in your evaluations when you’re living in the middle of it all. For this reason alone it’s often worth contacting a paranormal investigation team. If you’re not ready for an investigation, let them know up front that you just want someone to talk to about what’s going on in your home to get their insight. Most teams will have no problem doing this, and don’t hesitate to contact several teams and talk to as many of them as are willing.


A good source for paranormal teams in your area is Paranormal Societies, found online at There you’ll find a significant listing of paranormal teams organized by state, with links to their websites. I highly recommend checking out several team’s websites before contacting one.


Many teams are small and have a full caseload, thus may not have the ability to help at any given time. For the vast majority of paranormal investigators, this is something we do in our spare time, after our day (paying) job and our family commitments, so unfortunately most teams have limited bandwidth. Thus one other option is to use the “Haunting Assistance” link on the Paranormal Societies website. A Tweet will go out to all of the paranormal research teams that follow the site and your request will be forwarded to a local team that responds with availability and a desire to help.

If you do think your house is haunted, you’ll probably want to take the next step and learn more. My own book, I Think My House is Haunted!, is an excellent resource, covering:


- More on how to tell if your house is haunted,

- What ghosts are and why they are here,

- Psychological aspects of living with the paranormal,

- How to identify a negative haunting,

- What to expect from a paranormal investigation team, and how to find a good one,

- How to investigate on your own if you'd prefer (and what risks you take if you do...),

- What to do if your house really is haunted: advice on taking verbal control, cleansings, crossing spirits over, and other ways of living with the paranormal.


Living with spirits doesn’t usually have to be a negative experience, and the more you know the better.  




Two of three photos taken seconds apart in this haunted attic looked like this first one...the third photo showed an unexplainable dark cloud.  The orbs in the second photo can’t be proven to be paranormal - or not to be paranormal - but are possibly just dust reflections and thus can not be considered as potential evidence of the paranormal.  Photo courtesy of PCINJ Co-Founder Mike Pabian.

An interesting daylight orb is caught in a photo near the third floor of this beautiful old home where much activity has been reported... is this house haunted? Photo courtesy of Debbie McGee

So you’d like to

know if your house is haunted…


Usually is starts with the small things… maybe you’ve heard unexplained knocks or seen shadows, felt as if you were being watched, heard or seen doors opening or closing, or noticed your pet obsessed with something no one else can see. Maybe you heard your name being called when you were alone, or your electronics seem to have taken on a life of their own.


It’s very possible that the things you’re experiencing have a perfectly natural cause. It’s also very possible that something outside of the normal is going on. Be it an earthbound spirit, a visitation from someone crossed over, or something entirely different but equally as supernatural, this world is full of energy and manifestations that are just on the other side of explainable. So if you’re experiencing something along those lines, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not all that unusual or uncommon. In fact, the experience itself may be life changing in many positive ways.


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