Is my house haunted?
I Think My House Is Haunted...


EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, are one of the most fascinating results of paranormal investigations. These mysterious sounds and voices are not heard by the human ear, yet show up on audio recordings made at the time.  

Below you will find some favorite EVP that I have personally recorded.  Most of these can be heard through the speakers in your computer, but all EVP are best listened to with headphones or external speakers for added clarity.


- This EVP was recorded during our Preliminary visit to the home, while siting around the dining room table with the clients.  You can hear us all talking, mainly another investigator, Mike.  If you listen closely you can hear something that sounds like old Rag Time music drifting in under our conversation.  No music was playing at the time.

- This second EVP was recorded six minutes later.  This time waltz music drifts in and out. During the 45 minute conversation at the table, these were the only two times music could be heard.

- This final piece from Woodbury was recorded during our investigation there.  As is typical with may EVP, it may not be audible without speakers or headphones.  In this one I was alone in a closet know for it’s paranormal occurrences.  I ask “Could you touch me?”.  After a brief pause there is a very quiet “Please.”

2011-04-09 120pm music.wav
2011-04-09 1256pm dining room music.wav


- In this one I’m in the basement of the home investigating with my friend, Jennifer. Jennifer notes that she feels “staticy”, sometimes a sign of a presence. The “I like you” was not her nor me, and there was no one else (among the living) with us at the time. We believe the quieter word that follows - also neither of us - is “flirty”.

- This next one is from a subsequent visit to the location. I’m heading down to the basement with the client and talking about if “she” (the ghost) will talk to us again.  A quick-paced child’s voice joins in, enthusiastically saying “Let’s go down!” - little did we know she was already with us!

2011-03-05 JE evp 911pm I like you - amplified.wav
6-17-11 712 pm lets go down.wav

From a private home in Northern New Jersey...

- This EVP is from my very first investigation and remains one of my favorites.  My fellow investigator and I are on the third floor of the old Victorian home. His equipment makes a noise so he tags it saying “That’s just me”.  In the recording a young girl, not present at the time but believed to be haunting the home, chimes in in a very sing-song voice saying “That’s just you-oo.”

- Later in the investigation this unknown voice from the male spirit in residence quietly chimes in on our conversation with “No worries.”


100810JEevp3rdfloor10-02thatsjust you.wav

- In this EVP from another private residence you can hear me quietly talking during the investigation as a spirit voice tells the others there “Pull back”, just as we heard in the Groveville case.  Interestingly, a sensitive with us that night believed the spirits were trying to go undetected, fearing that we might be there to get rid of them.  

20110115 10517pm pull back amplified.wav

The sound quality isn’t the best, having been recorded in an echoy cement cell, but about seven seconds after I see the shadow you’ll hear a mournful young man’s voice say “Mom?”.

03-12-11 JE 810pm 3rd floor cell mom - amplified.wav


- I don’t usually attempt to cross over spirits during an investigation, but sometimes I’ll try to lay the foundation and broach the subject with them. Here I had just started talking to them about thinking about crossing over.  You hear me follow up with “You have family waiting for you on the other side.” Then listen closely for the soft response - I believe it says “It’s not happening yet.” We can’t force spirits to cross over, only help them if they’re ready to go. This one apparently was not.

- Sometimes during an investigation you’ll get the distinct feeling that the spirits don’t want to be know.  In this EVP you’ll hear me talking quietly as we’re about to begin a session.  Then you’ll hear another voice, slow and drawn out, apparently issuing instructions to the others:  “Pull back.”

20110115 1146pm not happening yet - for website.wav

These first EVP are from the case I talk about in Chapter 9, “A Beckoning Home”. The setting is a beautiful mid-1800’s house in Woodbury, New Jersey, which is pictured on the book’s cover.  

These next two EVP are from the case I talk about in Chapter 10, “Friend? If Not... Goodbye!”  This friendly child is but one of the spirits in the home...

These EVP are from a case involving a home in Groveville, New Jersey, with a nasty male entity controlling the other much nicer ones. The case is detailed in Chapter 11, “Mr. Grumpy Pants”, a name the client (pictured on the left) affectionately called the male spirit.  

This final EVP touched my heart.  It was recorded in the Burlington County Prison Museum in Mount Holly, New Jersey. When this was recorded I was on the third floor alone in a old cell, with no one else in the entire wing.  I note that I see a shadow, and wonder if it could be from a light shining in. (Being high up and not in the path of headlights, with the small window near the ceiling of the cell, that was later determined to be impossible.)

20110115 10517pm pull back - for website.wav
05-21-2011 JE 1143pm please amplified.wav

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