Is my house haunted?
I Think My House Is Haunted...

Need haunting help?  Get rid of ghosts.  How to deal with ghosts and spirits.  About ghosts, spirits, and hauntings.  Earthbound, crossed over, poltergeist, residual, intelligent. Get rid of ghosts with smuding, sage, holy water, verbal control. Start here if you think you have a ghost or many ghosts.   Haunting symptoms.  Signs of a haunting.

Help for the haunted

Learn what to do if your house is haunted
Happily Haunted - Ghosts in the real world

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If your house is haunted,

what should you do?

That depends on the situation - there’s simply no one-size-fits all answer to how to deal with a haunting.    more...

If you’re starting to wonder if your house is haunted and want to learn more, this is the perfect place to start...



Help for the Haunted

Pets are often sensitive to ghosts

Pets are often sensitive to energies that we may not be.

Types of Ghosts and Hauntings...


What are ghosts anyway?

Learn more about the various types of ghosts and haunting including:

     - Residual Hauntings

     - Intelligent Hauntings

     - Crossed-Over Spirits

     - Earthbound Spirits

     - Poltergeist

     - Demonic


I Think My House is Haunted

To learn more, read I Think my House is Haunted!, a guidebook for those who think they may be living with the paranormal.    

UPDATE!!!  One of the hauntings featured in the book is now on TV!   more...


A Haunted home doesn't ususally look haunted.

A haunted house doesn’t always look scary...

Most people would have no idea that the author’s home is haunted, but it definitely is!

So you’d like to know if your house is haunted…


Usually is starts with the small things… maybe you’ve heard unexplained knocks, seen shadows, felt as if you were being watched, or noticed doors opening or closing on their own. Or maybe you noticed your pet obsessed with something no one else can see. Perhaps you heard your name being called when you were alone, or your electronics seem to have taken on a life of their own.  

It’s very possible that the things you’re experiencing have a perfectly natural cause. It’s also very possible that something outside of the normal is going on.  more...

Happily Haunted - Ghosts in the real world

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Happily Haunted - Ghosts in the real world

Want an inside look at the real world of Paranormal Investigating?  Read the article Investigator by Night... By Joanne Emmons Free at Live Paranormal!  


Read Joanne Emmon’s the interview in Men’s Health Magazine:  “How to Tell if Your House is Haunted: Pro Ghost-Hunting Tips for Skeptics and Believers” >>>